How to teach children math so they don’t hate

Technical specialties are very popular now. In this regard, many parents are wondering about how to get children excited about math. Your answer offers the journalist Jennifer Doverspike. We offer an adapted translation of its articles. My little daughter sitting at the kitchen table in front of book, pencil gripped in his left hand, a


7 ways to help your child love to learn

When a family has a child, parents experience joy, happiness, euphoria just from the fact of its occurrence. The baby is growing. The older he gets, the more number of questions about his upbringing experienced by young parents. One of these: “How to help your child love to learn?” At what age and how to


7 Ways to Give Your Reluctant Writer

Even for the best of writers, a blank page can seem daunting, like a big hill to climb. Imagine, then, how that same blank page feels to the reluctant writer. It’s more like the greatest of all mountains, with ice and snow, steep slopes, and very little oxygen. In other words, it feels pretty much