7 ways to help your child love to learn

When a family has a child, parents experience joy, happiness, euphoria just from the fact of its occurrence. The baby is growing. The older he gets, the more number of questions about his upbringing experienced by young parents. One of these: “How to help your child love to learn?”

At what age and how to begin to instill a love of learning?

Since 2-3 years, you can begin to maintain the child’s quality, nature – curiosity. It is the basis of love of learning, knowledge.

There are ways that will help You instill a love of learning:

Books. It is impossible to love what you do not do mom and dad. To instill a love of reading is only possible by reading books to him. Start with easy rhymes, as they grow older toddler, add stories. Always read emotionally. The only way to interest the child.

Discussion of a new. Interested in the opinion of the child regarding certain events, incidents of daily life, listen to him. Ask him to explain why he believes anyway. Do this carefully, not “push”. This will teach Your child without fear and without hesitation to Express their opinions and think logically.

Game. Play with your child in various educational games. With a three year old kid you can guess invented by You and them riddles, considered running past the dogs, say the color of passing cars. With older child can start to play checkers and then chess. Can try exciting experiments that are on the website

Autonomy. As early as possible let your child to perform simple actions: to remove the skin of banana to feed the dove. When Your kid goes to school, self-sufficiency will help him in school.

Just in moderation. Do not overload your baby. Give him enough time to rest. Development of the child will be much more successful if he will be able to fantasize, to dream and to think about what he’s learned. It develops the imagination and gives you the opportunity to understand that learning about the world is fun.

How to solve problems encountered in learning from the student?

Respect for education. The first thing parents need to show his grown-up child that teachers are people, which simply must be respected. Not to criticize teachers and the school when the child. The child takes everything from his mom and dad. Show him that You are interested in the life of the student, communicate with teachers, participate in the life of the class. You show the child and the teacher that You care about Your son or daughter.

Do not panic. Think of the estimated child safely. Disassemble together with the son or daughter themes, which he bad learned in school. Help your child show their participation and support. And fear of learning will disappear and give way to curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

These simple tips will help You be closer with your child and teach him to love learning.